CFL has introduced unprecedented innovations to the grocery retail industry in St Lucia. Currently CFL operates nine Super J IGA supermarkets (and is the island’s largest supermarket chain).

A 50,000 square foot warehouse store called Mega J, a 13,000 square foot cold storage and 52,000 square foot dry warehousing facility complete the company’s food operations.

CFL is also the franchisor for Ti J’s community mart convenience stores. This is built around a strategy of giving interested persons an opportunity to be self-employed and in the long run building the community through successful multiplier effects. Each Ti J’s outlet is operated independently, under a license agreement which allows for transaction of business using the registered Ti J’s logo and trademarks. The franchise arrangement requires that owners operate against retail quality, safety and other related industry standards. The services which CFL offers its franchisees are extensive and include:

  • Assistance with store design and layout,
  • Merchandising
  • Sourcing and supply of equipment
  • An exclusive range of discount lines
  • The strength of the company’s buying power resulting in competitive prices
  • Business planning
  • Access to CFL’s marketing programmes for the benefit of Ti J’s customers
  • Ti J’s staff are also able to take advantage of and participate in the training initiatives undertaken by CFL’s Supermarket Career Institute

This service has brought a new standard to community shopping on the island. Ti J’s presents an opportunity for CFL to facilitate the growth and development of micro entrepreneurs in the retail sector in St Lucia and indirectly create employment opportunities within the country. In so doing, more employment opportunities are being created in communities around the island. Consumers have the convenience of shopping close to home, with access to a wider range of competitively priced brands in a more comfortable shopping atmosphere. Part of the success of the CFL franchise arrangement lies in the power of the relationship which has been established between the entities. 

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