CFLVolunteers Take On New Project in Micoud

Super J IGA Unity in Community:Zone C

CFL volunteers at Micoud Playing Field

CFL volunteers at Micoud Playing Field

Changing rooms to sporting facilities are basically the equivalent of bedrooms to houses; you can’t have one without the other or at least you’re not supposed to. Thanks to the Super J IGA Unity in Community Programme, members of the Micoud community in collaboration with CFL volunteers, are just a few weeks away from having a brand new changing facility that is accessible to everyone.

Like many other organizations, the Micoud Youth & Sports Council saw an opportunity to get the support of Consolidated Foods Limited to rebuild a proper changing facility on the grounds and submitted the idea as a project under CFL’s ongoing Unity in Community initiative. Shortly after, it was announced that  “The Restoration of the Changing Facility at the Micoud Playing Field” was the winning project out of the ZONE C division.

President of the Micoud Youth and Sports Council, Nadege Jn Baptiste says that the need for a changing facility at Aduka Park has been at the top of the agenda for Micoud for a while. She also notes that some of the problems the new facility hopes to address include the improper use of the drainage on the field and surrounding environments, the threat of sexual harassment and other offences due to the lack of privacy, and theft.

As done with previous Unity in Community zone winnersCFL’s contribution to the Micoud Youth and Sports Council came in the form of a $10,000 cheque donation and the provision of staff labor to jump start the project. Wearing their signature outfits of blue T-shirts and jeans, CFL’s dedicated team of company volunteers journeyed to Micoud last weekend to take on the new challenge.

Marketing and Corporate Communications Officer for CFL, Taluah Girard had this to say about the Unity in Community Project in Micoud:  “There is no feeling like getting your hands dirty to make a real difference in the lives of people and the communities they live in. Projects like these are a natural fit for CFL because they bring people together while helping to positively impact the community.”

Aduka Park acts as the sporting hub for the district of Micoud and its surrounding areas with a multi-purpose court and adjacent football field. The Micoud Youth & Sports Council is highly optimistic that the addition of a proper changing facility will add a huge boost to the development of sports in the Micoud district.


Sponsors thanked for Consistency in Making School sports a Reality

Sariah Best-Joseph Presents a Cheque for $10,000 on Beahalf of Super J IGA

Sariah Best-Joseph Presents a Cheque for $10,000 on Beahalf of Super J IGA

The Inter Secondary School Sports Programme 2014 opened officially last month under the theme “My Education, My Sports, M Life, My Goal”. Twenty eight secondary schools are expected to participate in the activity which will run feature a range of sporting disciplines including basketball, netball, volleyball, cricket and track and field.

Super J IGA continues to be a key partner of the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports where this activity is concerned, a relationship which has spanned over twenty years consistently. This was noted by the Minister of Youth Development and Sports Honorable Shawn Edwards, who pointed to the invaluable contribution of the supermarket chain and other sponsors especially now as the island faces an economic crunch and resources are limited.

In presenting the company’s $10,000 contribution DH Marketing and Corporate Communications Sariah Best-Joseph commended organisers on the theme selected to guide the games this year.

“Youth and Sports are two areas that we are deeply committed to and which captures a large part of our Corporate Social Responsibility budget. We recognise that the business of youth, requires commitment, it requires dedication, it requires resources and most of all sincerity on the part of those who support youth development activities. Our unwavering commitment sponsorship of this programme through sponsorship of the Under 16 Basketball championships for over 20 years is testimony to this,” noted Best Joseph.

Over the next few months secondary school students from across the island will be vying for top places in the various the sporting disciplines. The matches will be held at the VigieMulti Purpose Sports Centre and the Beusejour Indoor facility.

CFL supports Productivity Awareness Drive

CFL Managing Director- Martin Dorville

CFL Managing Director- Martin Dorville

St. Lucia is gearing up for Productivity Awareness Week, with the full support of one of the island’s largest private sector organizations. Consolidated Foods Ltd. which boasts a staffing of just under twelve hundred (1200 persons) has committed both financial (EC $7500.00) and in kind support to the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council, the organizers of the awareness week.

During the week of October 13, representatives of the NCPC will be at CFL various outlets, undertaking an awareness drive on what productivity means to St. Lucia, measures that can be taken to enhance productivity and the role of the populace in that regard. CFL’s Managing Director welcomes the national focus on productivity which he concurs is an area that requires dedicated attention.

“Given the size and nature of our business, we understand the importance of productivity to drive our process, to help us achieve our strategic goals and for the growth and sustainability of our business. While we have created programmes internally to drive this, we recognize the need for policy shifts to create a culture and climate of productivity nationally. Our support for the work of the NCPC and the awareness drive is guided by this “explains Mr. Dorville.

CFL will also participate in a special forum which will explore “Productivity in the Wholesale and Retail sector”. The forum will feature local and regional success stories and the results of the St. Lucia productivity assessment survey. The Head of CFL’s HR Division Nickler Paul will make a presentation at that activity.

The Government of Saint Lucia through the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC) are the organizers of Productivity Awareness Week which begins on October 13 through to October 18.

CFL helps Nursing Association to Host Caribbean Conference

CFL's Marketing Manager Presents a Cheque for $8000 to the President of the Nurses Association

CFL’s Marketing Manager Presents a Cheque for $8000 to the President of the Nurses Association

Another major Health and Wellness initiative will receive the backing of Consolidated Foods Ltd. as the company strengthens a decision made five years ago to become more involved and support matters relating to health and wellness in St. Lucia.

The 29th Biennial Conference of the Caribbean Nurses Organization (CNO) hosted by the St. Lucia Nurses Association is expected to attract over 300 participants throughout the Caribbean, including the USA and Canada. CFL is a Gold Sponsor of the event through a $10,000 (cash and kind) contribution.

The Conference is expected to focus on current trends in nursing and healthcare.

Nurse Lydia Leonce, President of the St. Lucia Nurses Association welcomed CFL as a Gold sponsor noting “CFL is no stranger to nurses in St Lucia. They have continuously sponsored events hosted by the St Lucia Nurses Association and have become a corporate friend to the SLNA.

When approached, CFL immediately committed to being part of CNO 2014 despite the economic climate and have come in as major partners.”

The theme for CNO 2014 is “Nursing and Midwifery: Integrating knowledge, skills and attitudes in the delivery of safe, quality patient care.” It will provide a forum for nurses from over 33 member courtiers to socialize and share experiences through educational and business sessions, institutional visits and organized tours of the island.

The island’s Health Minister, Alvina Reynolds says the conference theme fitting as government looks to reform the island’s health sector.

Unity in Community Zones C and D Unveiled

Managing Director - Martin Dorville with Executive of Micoud Youth and SPorts Council

Managing Director – Martin Dorville with Executive of Micoud Youth and Sports Council

The winners of the Super J IGA Unity in Community Project for Zones C and D were unveiled to gathering of Super J Unity in Community Volunteers and Staff, Judges and the Media last week Friday.

After great deliberation, the Micoud Youth and Sports Council emerged the Winner for Zone C (Micoud to Dennery) while the Grande Riviere Primary School was deemed winner for Zone D (Gros-Islet).

Rodney Bay Store Manager- Ms. Camilla Hinds presents Grande Riviere Primary School with 20 000 cheque

Rodney Bay Store Manager- Ms. Camilla Hinds presents Grande Riviere Primary School with 20 000 cheque

The Micoud project focuses on refurbishing the changing rooms at the Micoud Playing Field (Aduka Park) which is used by a variety of schools, community groups and national sporting bodies. The proposal submitted by the Grande Riviere Primary School is for walkway which will connect two buildings as well as refurbishment of the play area.

Work is set to commence on both projects in early October.

Caption For Picture 1: Rodney Bay Store Manager, Ms. Camilla Hinds presents Grande Riviere Primary School with $20,000 cheque.

Caption For Picture 2: Managing Director- Martin Dorville with Executive of Micoud Youth and Sports Council

Farmers See Value In CFL’s Roots And Tubers Programme

CFL Perishables Manager, Dunstan Demille with Roots & Tubers Participant, Christopher Cox from Vanard, Millet

CFL Perishables Manager, Dunstan Demille with Roots & Tubers Participant, Christopher Cox from Vanard, Millet

Consolidated Foods Limited continues to encourage farmers to get back into the production of roots and tubers in support of national initiatives to improve the island’s food and nutrition security.

This is intended to reverse a noticeable decline in production and a growing reliance on food imports. Farmers preferred to grow fast yielding crops that can be easily harvested instead of those growing in the ground.

Roots and tubers are vegetable crops and in St. Lucia the list includes sweet potatoes, yams, cassava, dasheen, banja, carrots, onions, radishes, ginger, cush cush and turmeric just  to name a few.

The challenge with these crops, according to Perishables Manager of Consolidated Foods Ltd, Dunstan Demille, is that they require a great deal of effort and time to grow.

Over the past months Consolidated Foods Limited has been engaging local farmers and agricultural agencies with the hope of getting farmers back into production or existing farmers to increase production.

CFL Farmer, Christopher Cox in field of Sweet Potato

CFL Farmer, Christopher Cox in field of Sweet Potato

The CFL’s Roots & Tubers Programme is a partnership between CFL, Renwick & Company Ltd., the Caribbean Agriculture and Research and Development Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Ministry provides incentives to local farmers to help them increase their yield of root and tuber crops in order to meet the growing market demands.

Christopher Cox, a CFL farmer from Vanard/Millet is one of the programme’s most successful participants. With a five (5) acre spread of roots and tubers including sweet potatoes, yams and sweet cassava, Cox is assisting CFL in meeting the programme objectives. According to Cox, he has shared a very long and fruitful partnership with CFL and had no difficulty agreeing to take part in the programme.

As a local farmer for over ten years, Cox believes that Agriculture presents many opportunities for job creation.

CFL’s Roots and Tubers Programme is one of the many initiatives executed by CFL to cultivate and strengthen the island’s agricultural sector whilst reducing the nation’s food import bill.

Similar initiatives include the company’s support for Agriculture in both Primary and Secondary Schools through the (HOOPS) programme and the Farmer’s Loans Programme, both of which are ongoing.

Ten Years of Educational Support for Children of CFL Employees

Members of CFL Senior Management Team Pose with 2014 Scholars“Education is the foundation for success.” This was the message that echoed during the presentation ceremony to an audience of youthful and eager faces held at the CFL Head Office last Monday. The students clad in their new school uniforms were proudly accompanied by their parents, all employees of Consolidated Foods Limited.

Ten years ago, in effort to help staff members with back-to-school expenses and Division Head of Human Resource & Training Addresses Students & Their Parentsrecognize the academic excellence of their children, the CFL Scholarships and Grants Programme was created.  As a part of this programme three full-scholarships and five grants are awarded to top performers at the Common Entrance Examination exam on a yearly basis. To date, eighty-two (82)  children have received grants and scholarships through this programme.

More in the attached press release…


CFL Volunteers Add a Little More Joy to Camp Joy

picPersons with disabilities across the island gathered over the weekend to take part in yet another year of Camp Lajwa (Creole for Camp Joy) .The four day camp ,an annual activity, was held this year at the  Marigot Secondary School. In addition to the usual visits and assistance from family members of the campers and caregivers, this year Camp Lajwa had a special treat in a visit from the Unity in Community Volunteers from Consolidated Foods Limited.

For the past five years, the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) has been bringing bring joy to persons with disabilities in Saint Lucia through this special camp . Initially, separate camps were held in the North and South of the island. This year a decision was made to combine both camps were combined making this activity arguably one of the largest for persons with disabilities in St. Lucia.CFL Managing Director painting with campers

What started off as a one-day event has evolved over the years to four-day overnight camp. As a result caregivers and sponsors now have an opportunity to get more involved and more sensitized to the needs of persons with disabilities. This year, the camp’s main sponsor, Consolidated Foods Limited extended not just financial support but similarly volunteer support to the group.

Speaking on Camp Lajwa, Casim Lansiquot, 2nd Vice President of the National Council for and of Persons with Disabilities remarked, “Camp Lajwa is all about creating the ideal environment for persons with disabilities to get to know each other , spend quality time with loved ones and enjoy a relaxing time while engaging in Arts and Craft.”

CFL volunteer Evan with camperCFL‘s Managing Director, Martin Dorville says, “Camp Lajwa may not be part of an official zone in the Unity in Community project, but it represents a community of people who needed our help and it was something that our CFL volunteers felt we needed to get involved in and are extremely excited about.”

Thanks to the excellent coordination by the NCPD and the strong support received from the CFL volunteers, and family members of persons with disabilities, Camp Lajwa 2014 was a huge success.

CFL- Congratulates New Group of Certified Farmers

Farmers - Region 8Congratulations to farmers of Roseau (Region 7) and Bexon (Region 8) who participated in the Ministry of Agriculture’s Farmer Certification Programme and graduated this month.

The Farmer Certification Programme is a Public-Private sector initiative between the Ministry of Agriculture, Consolidated Foods Ltd. and the St. Lucia Marketing Board. It was established to strengthen the relationship between producers and purchasers, by improving production/marketing linkages, better defining market requirements and developing production plans to manage the supply of fresh produce.

As such the farmers who participated in the six week training programme received instruction on Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standards on the farm, data collection, record keeping, food safety, post-harvest handling and variety selection. The GAP standards assure purchasers that fruits and vegetables grown domestically meet the highest health and safety standards. The farmers who received the six week training certificates now join the over 1000 farmers who are in the process of getting GAP certified.

Local Perishables Manager of Consolidated Foods Ltd. Dunstan Demille commends the farmers for their dedication and commitment to the programme.  He said CFL is focused on creating an environment that is supportive of agricultural production and development and will continue to work with the Ministry of Agriculture in realizing this objective. This, he said, was part of the company’s strategy of championing local products, through mutually beneficial relationships with farmers.

Farmers were encouraged to maintain the GAP standards because as this is the only way they will continue receive the incentives such as preferential pricing and favourable market access from CFL.

St. Lucia is divided into eight (8) agricultural regions which allows farmers (crop, livestock, etc) to be served throughout the island on a daily basis based on a work week.

Nine Years of Super J Sponsorship for Northern United Sports Club

Cheque presentation to Derek George (Manager) on behalf of Super J IGA Northern United Football Club.Youth development through sports continues to be a main focus of Super J IGA supermarkets. Last Saturday Super J IGA renewed its commitment to the Northern United Sports Club through the presentation of EC $10,000 to the club. The funds will be used to support the football activities of the group, in particular the Youth Development component. The presentation was made at the SAB Playing field prior to matches of the teams under 12 and under 14 teams.  The relationship between Super J and Northern is now nine years old and has improved significantly over the years.  The team continues to dominate the Gros Islet Football league and is now ranked second at the national level.

Super J IGA continues to make significant contributions to various areas of youth development on island including Sport, Education, Culture, Environment and Agriculture. Earlier this year the company donated a large quantity of equipment and supplies valued at approximately $5000 to the Super J IGA Boboville Football Club which hails from Marchard.

Managers of the two Super J IGA sponsored football teams chat as they await play.