“Fresh Frozen” brand of products are currently On Voluntary Recall

If you have purchased any of the items on the list below at a CFL store please:

  1. Cease consumption of the product IMMEDIATELY and;
  2. Return the unused portion of the product to the CFL store where purchase was made for a full refund.

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Voluntary Recall of “Fresh Frozen” Line of Products

CFL advises customers to return product to stores

Inventure Foods Inc. out of the USA has issued a voluntary recall of its “Fresh Frozen” line of frozen vegetables and some varieties of its Jamba “At Home” line of smoothie kits. The recall was issued after Listeria was found in one of the company’s facilities, following a routine FDA inspection.

While Inventure Foods Inc. has not received any consumer claims related to illness from these products, they are being recalled out of an abundance of caution and part of a commitment to the absolute quality of its products.

Some items which form part of the “Fresh Frozen” recall are currently sold at CFL stores. The company has already activated its internal food recall procedures and has removed all existing inventory of the said products from its supermarket shelves and warehouse.

Anyone who purchased the “Fresh Frozen” product lines from CFL can return them to the CFL store where the purchase was made for a full refund. The products include Fresh Frozen blackberries, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, tropical berry blend, brussel sprouts, California blend, chopped spinach, corn on the cob, cut broccoli, cut corn, green beans, okra, green peas, mixed vegetables, Zen green beans, vegetable stir fry and vegetable combo.

CFL has already informed the Ministry of Health’s Environmental Department and the St. Lucia Bureau of Standards of steps taken to date, in relation to how the recall has been handled by the company. Further information on the recall can be obtained via the FDA website at link below.

Recall — Firm Press Release



Fresh Frozen – Vegetable Packaging


Fresh Frozen – Fruit Packaging

CFL supports Regional under 16 Netball Tournament

CFL's Corporate Communications Division Head Presents a Cheque for $7500 to the St Lucia Under 16 Netball Team

CFL’s Corporate Communications Division Head Presents a Cheque for $7500 to the St Lucia Under 16 Netball Team

Consolidated Foods Ltd. continues to be associated with netball in St. Lucia with commitments to St. Lucia’s participation in and hosting of the Jean Pierre under 16 Netball Tournament, which starts on Saturday April 9 and ends on April 17, 2015. The company has thrown its full support behind St. Lucia NationalNetball Associationas the host of the tournament, which is expected to feature the netball skills of over one hundred and twenty young persons representing seven Caribbean islands.

On Friday morning a cheque of $7,500 was presented to team officials to cover expenses related to St. Lucia’s participation in the tournament. This also covers the hosting of a special “Breakfast with the Stars”,during which the young netballers will meet and engage with persons who have excelled in sports.

During the presentation, Sariah Best-Joseph of CFL noted that the company’s sponsorships are more than just corporate responsibility, they are a tangible expression of the company’s commitment to customer care.

“We have a genuine focus on youth development through sport. Our financial support to netball over the years has allowed the local association to undertake coaching and player development programmes, training and travel. We hope that our contribution this year can help to make the overall experience a great one for both the local and visiting under 16 teams. Two of our suppliers, Weetabix and Elle and Vire are working alongside us in that regard,” said Best-Joseph.

The Jean Pierre Youth Tournament is described as the nursery for the continued development of the sport of netball.St. Lucia last hosted the tournament in 2004. Liota Charlemagne, President of Netball St. Lucia expressed gratitude for CFL’s support in making the 2015 tournament possible.

“Over 70% of the players who participate in this event move on to represent their respective countries at the under-21 and senior national level. We know that the under 16 tournament will serve as a catalyst as St. Lucia prepares to host the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2017, of which Netball is a featured component,” noted Charlemange-Mason.

A welcome and candle lighting ceremony is planned for this evening under the distinguished patronage of the Governor General Dame PearletteLouisy.

NRDF Cake Challenge

Consolidated Foods Limited is proud to support the NRDF Cake Challenge through our Mega J brand.

Let’s help the NRDF in their quest to have this video go viral. Share this story on your Facebook page and invite your friends to do the same.

Sir Ira Simmons Unveils Lunch Table Project Sponsored by CFL

CFL Managing Director helps students to cut ribbon

CFL Managing Director helps students to cut ribbon

Imagine having to stand in the corridor or having to sit on the ground or even the stairs to have meals on a daily basis. This has been the uncomfortable reality of the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School students for several years. The two dilapidated lunch tables which are meant to cater to the population of over 620 students is hardly adequate. Thanks to the Super J IGA Unity in Community Programme, the school has benefited from funding and manpower from CFL volunteers to build twelve lunch tables which will allow the students to sit comfortably during break and lunch periods and interact with their peers with ease.

Though several great projects were submitted from Castries, the lack of proper sitting facilities outside the classrooms of a school as large as the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary was significant enough to draw the attention of judges of the Super J IGA Unity in Community programme.

CFL Volunteers Marvin and Christopher- Past Students of SISS

Managing Directors work together- Martin Dorville, CFL and Kurt Elibox, Blue Print Construction

The twelve newly built lunch tables were officially unveiled during the schools special Independence Anniversary celebrations on Thursday February 19 which was themed “The Journey”. School Principal Mrs. Marie George- Arlain applauded CFL for being a model corporate citizen, “My vision for our school is for it to be one of the leading school’s on island. I think that that by improving the overall learning environment with projects such as this one; we are making learning more conducive for our students. Thank you CFL for sharing in our vision and bring us one step closer to this dream.”

The ceremony was a very significant one not only for CFL as a company but for two of the company’s staff members who volunteered on the project. Marvin Demille and Christopher Clercin,former students of the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary, who are currently employed at Super J IGA Waterfront were present for the unveiling. For them, it was a proud moment, having worked diligently on this project which will make the school setting more comfortable for the students of their alma mater.

CFL Volunteers Pose After A Hard Day of Work

CFL Volunteers Marvin and Christopher- Past Students of SISS

The Super J IGA Unity in Community Programme has transformed the lives of people in communities across five major zones on the island. To date, the community-based initiative has provided a total of $50,000 worth of financial support,with the added bonus of volunteer support from CFL staff, to five projects in the areas of Anse La Raye, Mongouge, Micoud, Grand Riviere and Castries. CFL’s Managing Director Martin Dorville thanked the teachers and students of the school forallowing CFL to be part of their journey. “You have been thanking us but we are the ones who should be thanking you today. When we started the Unity in Community programme our mission was to not only bring about change in the community but also to inspire others to do the same. I am excited about this journey, especially when I see the unique collaborations which have been forged between various businesses in Saint Lucia as a result.”

Mr. Dorville also noted the partnership which the school had developed with Blueprint Construction Ltd who offered guidance and built the lunch tables for the school at no cost. As a result of the savings the school is now able to refurbish their Mathematics Lab.

 “Community outreach is always a good thing and being a fairly recent graduate myself, I saw this as a prime opportunity to give back to the younger ones and the wider community. I am happy that our input means that the school now gets even greater value out of CFL’s $10,000 contribution by undertaking two projects,” noted Elibox, Managing Director of Blueprint Construction Limited.

Managing Directors work together- Martin Dorville, CFL and Kurt Elibox, Blue Print Construction

CFL volunteers Pose After A Hard Of Work

So what’s next for the Super J IGA Unity in Community Programme? The next stop is Zone F which is the community of Babonneau. The invitation for proposals for projects for sponsorship will start on February 26 through to March 30.

While they await submissions from Zone F, CFL Unity in Community volunteers will be joining a team from the Piton Management area and other volunteers in an exercise designed to eradicate invasive plant species on Gros Piton Trail.

It’s been an exciting journey thus far for the team at Consolidated Foods Ltd. who are excited about the many partnerships created so far. It’s a partnership fueled by the passion, interest and commitment of the CFL volunteers to making this initiative a success. It’s hardly surprising that the company has been nominated for both the Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Development Awards at the upcoming St. Lucia Chamber awards.

SJC Sports a success with CFL’s assistance


Athletes At March Past

Despite soggy conditions on Thursday January 22nd, well over 700 students from the St. Joseph’s Convent converged on the Mindoo Phillip Park for the school’s annual inter house sports meet.

Decked in their customary green attire, Maria Goretti house under the watchful eye of house captain Ms. Daisy Mac Benjamin marshaled her troops to a whopping 879 points, 78 ahead of second place finisher St. Theresa’s who captured 801 points, St. Ann’s following with 644 points and Blessed Anne Marie 4thwith 566 points.
SJC’s Sports Coordinator Mrs. Mayann Montoute was pleased with the overall games and the high level of sportsmanship and team spirit displayed by the girls. She was also full of praise for Consolidated Foods Ltd (operators of Super J IGA supermarkets, Mega J and glfood market), one of the schools long standing sports sponsors, for continued financial contribution to the meet.

“It must be noted that SJC’s annual sports meet would not have had such depth had it not been for the help received from CFL. Your sponsorship has made St. Joseph’s Convent Sports what it is today. And what it is today is one of the best attended, and organized sports in our country. The donation of personal trophies to the Victrix Ludorum from each of our five participating houses assisted us in helping the students meet goals and targets. The trophies serve as a memento for each recipient and the athletes work hard to earn one. The sponsorship of printed t-shirts for our officials also adds a new dimension to our meet. Our officials looked smart on the field as they carried out their duties. “

SJC sports is one of over thirty schools receiving financial assistance and support from CFL, which has proudly supported School Sports meets across the island for over 10 years.

New Beginnings Transit Home Gets A Facelift Thanks To Cfl Interior Designers/Volunteers

img-1It was indeed a very productive Saturday which involved a lot of hard work, determination, collaboration and great home cooked meals. In one word, Saturday’s painting activity at The New Beginnings Transit Home was P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L.

The New Beginnings Transit Home is a non-profit organization that  provides care for and seeks to develop the full potential of minors who have suffered abuse and neglect.

Having heard about the Super J IGA Unity in Community Programme, the staff of The New Beginnings Transit Home invited our  volunteers to assist with the painting of  rooms at the home.img-2

The design team comprised five (5) CFL Team members namely; Evan Arthur, Evyann Emmanuel, Amelia Charles, Anita Peter and myself (Maliaka Blanchard).  We were assigned the task of painting : a boy’s nursery, a toilet and one of the older male’s room.

When I stopped and observed all our team members displaying their individual painting talents it felt like a scene straight out of  the popular HGTV Do It Yourself (DIY) series “Renovation Raiders

There was a moment towards the end of our activity when we all found ourselves in the final room observing Evan Arthur at work painting, and I recall Anita commenting “ Isn’t it funny that we are all here quietly standing staring at him in awe?” We all then broke into laughter at the fact.

img-3It was at that point that Evan mentioned that he was an experienced painter with projects ranging from commercial buildings which includes but is not limited to; painting of the apartments at the Baywalk Mall, guest rooms at the Landings and the refurbished Fire Station in Castries just to mention a few as well as domestic properties.

On the subject of skills… I was amazed that Amelia managed to paint the  entire bottom half of the male bathroom on her own, (with perfect alignment I may add).

It was a fun day filled with intricate, rewarding work. It was amusing listening to Anita and Evyann, like two experienced foremen advising the group on the type of painting tools needed for this job.  It was such a humbling experience discovering the hidden talents of our amazing CFL team.

The Administrative team and Staff of the New Beginnings Transit Home were all welcoming and thankful for our timely img-4visit.  Mrs. Joseph, the Transit Home Manager was so appreciative of our efforts that she invited the team to return for a second outing to complete the female rooms. She also  said that the children would be elated to return home to a freshly painted bedroom and living space.

Our volunteer team is excited about completing this second phase of the project and we are currently in the process finalizing the date for this activity.

This was one of the first UIC “out of zone” projects for this year and  yet another proud moment for us as a company and moreover as CFL volunteers.

Two thumbs up volunteers for a job well done! Thanks for your sacrifice, teamwork, camaraderie, love and care displayed on this project!!!

27 Customers and a range of Charities Win Super J IGA & Ti J’s Christmas Promotion

CFL's Managing Director Marting Dorville Poses with Drand Prize Winners

CFL’s Managing Director Martin Dorville Poses with Grand Prize Winners.

Last week Super J IGA and Ti J’s dished out $66,400 in prizes to winners of its Christmas 2015 promotions. The promotion dubbed Pass on the Christmas Spirit saw 27 seven customers winning prizes ranging from 50,000 to 1 million loyalty points while charities and nonprofit organizations selected by these customers walked away with varying amounts of cash.

The supermarket’s Christmas promotion was the climax to the company’s Unity in Community Programme which saw staff of the company undertaking a range of community development projects in 2014 funded by CFL.  The promotion was designed to allow customers to qualify to win a prize for themselves and one for a community cause by spending $100 or more at the supermarket or by participating in the company’s Facebook promotion. A staff promotion was also held internally with a similar angle.

Three of the 27 winners won grand prizes of one million loyalty points ($10,000) and EC $2500 for a selected charity.  Addressing the winners at the prize giving ceremony Managing Director of Consolidated Foods Limited Martin Dorville says CFL wants the spirit of giving and receiving to spread throughout the society. He noted that this promotion allowed customers of the supermarket chain to be a powerful force for good.

Sister Antonia of the Holy Family Children’s Home at Ciceron is grateful to the six winners who selected the Home as their nonprofit organization under the “Pass the Christmas Spirit on Promotion”.

She praised Consolidated Foods Limited for raising the institution’s profile and providing invaluable support to the Home over the years.

The promotions continue this year with the Super J IGA Set Sail and Celebrate Valentine’s Promotion already underway. The company says customers can look forward to exciting year of value added promotions.

H.O.O.P.S.S 4th Phase Closing Ceremony and Expository Fair

Anse Ger Secondary Receives Prize For Most Sales

Anse Ger Secondary Receives Prize For Most Sales

Youth in Agriculture continues to be a top priority for CFL. So says Dunstan Demille, Perishables Manager of CFL at the closing ceremony of the Helping Out Our Primary and Secondary Schools (H.O.O.P.S.S.).

Earlier today the St. Lucia Agriculture Forum for Youth (SLAFY), together with its partners, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and Consolidated Foods Limited (CFL), hosted the Expository Fair and Closing Ceremony at the Car park of the Sir Stanislaus James Building, Waterfront.

Mr. Demille says CFL is honored to be a major contributor to a HOOPSS, a programme which underpins the existing agricultural programmes offered at primary and secondary schools and allows students to be exposed to Agriculture technologies and agribusiness. To date CFL has contributed EC $175,000 to the HOOPSS programme. Currently there are seventeen schools in the programme.

CFL is of the view that good agricultural practices and the creation of a cadre of young agricultural professionals to replace the aging farming population is important to continue to meet the demand of consumers for fresh wholesome quality agricultural produce.

Anse Ger Secondary School Receives Prize For Most Creative Booth at HOOPS Expository Fair

Anse Ger Secondary School Receives Prize For Most Creative Booth at HOOPS Expository Fair

Marigot Secondary School Receives Prize For Most Consistent Producer

Marigot Secondary School Receives Prize For Most Consistent Producer

High Five for Fibre! CFL Donates 100 boxes of Weetabix Cereals to Schools


Marketing Assistant presents Weetabix to Chief Nutritionist

Eating a healthy breakfast gets your day off to a good start. This is one of the key messages which students at schools across the island will be hearing over the next few days as we observe Diabetes Awareness Month.

During a brief presentation held this morning, Marketing and Corporate Communications Assistant, Ms. Maliaka Blanchard presented Ms. Lisa Hunte Mitchell, Chief Nutritionist in the Ministry of Health, with 100 boxes of Weetabix Minis Fruit and Nut. This product will be used for sampling during visits by Nutritionists to various primary schools, to help them understand the benefits of having a healthy balanced diet.

Commenting on the support from CFL and Weetabix, Chief Nutritionist, Lisa Hunte Mitchell said: “Many of us know about the need to maintain a healthy balanced diet but given our hectic lifestyles we often neglect ourselves and forget to have a healthy breakfast. We sometimes opt for less nutritious food while on the go and all of this adds up to poor digestive health. We are excited to be teaming up with Consolidated Foods Limited to raise awareness on Diabetes and the importance of having a healthy breakfast.”

The Weetabix brand of products prides itself on providing high quality, high fiber, and tasty and nutritious breakfast cereals.  Made from 100 per cent wholegrain, Weetabix is the perfect breakfast choice for diabetics and other individuals who are simply looking to increase fibre intake. Not only is it low in both sugar and salt, but with a two biscuit serving containing just 134 calories and fortified with valuable vitamins (Folic Acid, Niacin Riboflavin, Thiamin) and iron, there’s no need to reach for a less nutritious option. Containing 10g of fibre per 100g, Weetabix also contains a significantly higher dose of fibre than all other so-called high fibre foods due to the 6g classification, making it an easy and manageable way to up your fibre intake.

This donation is one of the many ways that CFL is supporting Diabetes Month.  Last week the company donated $8500.00 to the St. Lucia Diabetic and Hypertension Association. This week, customers get 15% off diabetic and cardiovascular medication purchased this week at Super J IGA pharmacies and on Friday, November 14th customers will receive 15% off all prescriptions filled.

The company is also encouraging customers shopping at Super J IGA, Mega J and gl foodmarket to make donations while shopping on Friday (World Diabetes Day). All donations received which will be passed on to the St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association to support the work of that organisation.