Sixty Thousand Dollars Raised Through Yoplait Cancer Campaigns

Divisional Head of Marketing-, Sariah Best-Joseph and Divisional Head of Finance- Sabina Wilkie present NCF and Faces of Cancer Representatives with 60000 Cheque

Divisional Head of Marketing, Sariah Best-Joseph and Divisional Head of Finance, Sabina Wilkie present NCF and Faces of Cancer Representatives with $60,000 Cheque

Representatives of the National Community Foundation (NCF) and Faces of Cancer (a local cancer support organisation) were full of smiles on Wednesday November 25th following a brief presentation that Consolidated Foods Limited called to release the monies raised from the CFL Yoplait Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

This year, apart from the Yoplait Breast Cancer Walk and sales of yogurt, there were other opportunities through which the public was able to support the cause which raised a total of $60,000.

The National Community Foundation (NCF) received EC$42,000 or 70% of the total funds raised while the other 30% (EC$18,000) went to Faces of Cancer.

CFL’s Marketing Manager Sancha Raggie explained that there were many other ways for St. Lucians to participate no matter what their financial standing and that they did.

‘While there was a dip in the purchase of yogurts during the promotion period which we attribute to economic times we live in, we saw the outpouring of support and interest by the public in many other ways through donations at the cash register and purchase of the pink branded items sold at CFL stores. These additions, enabled us to bridge the gap and helped to enhance the overall figure,” said Ms. Raggie.

Ms. Raggie also noted the growing level of awareness of breast cancer including public interest in volunteering with the various Cancer support groups. This she says is one of the more important objectives of the campaign which is now in its eighth year. Since inception in 2008, CFL has raised and donated  EC $280,000 to cancer causes. The monies are used by the recipient organisations to assist women affected by cancer who need support with treatment and a range of other cancer interventions.

Both organisations were elated by the donations from CFL. They noted that cancer is on the rise and the cost of treatment is also increasing. Both emphasised the importance of continuing to educate and create awareness of how cancer can be prevented or managed.

The theme for the campaign this year was “Friends in the Fight”. During the cheque presentation ceremony CFL was full of praise for the outpouring of support from corporate friends through sponsorship of the events.  The sentiments were captured by Marketing Officer Taluah Girard who moved the vote of thanks.

“It is a real blessing when companies recognize the importance of such activities and decide to step in and help. This year we had a record number of sponsors who not only gave monies but also were very hands on at the walk. This is testimony to their understanding of the fight and what it requires to drive success” noted Ms. Girard.


d113f0e4-d6c8-4c0f-9cbb-9062d1873640Five (5) days to Yoplait Walk and the sponsors are still coming in.

Earlier today a new friend joined Yoplait and CFL in the fight against breast cancer with a pledge of EC $5000.  Royal Bank of Canada is now officially a gold sponsor. Quite apart from the cash contribution,  a large team from RBC  is expected to join the many St. Lucians who will be out on Sunday November 1st walking from Mega J to Pigeon Island. The bank will also be doing some giveaways at the end of walk – so look out for the RBC tent at Pigeon Island.

This new partnership is another opportunity to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer causes in St. Lucia.

Young Local Entrepreneurs Pledge Support for Yoplait Cancer Campaigns

Pink Themed Mixer Decor- Azuk Creative ServicesWhat do three Local Fashion Designers, an Event Planner extraordinaire and a graphic designer have in common?

Not only are Raul Joseph (Verge Media), Teige La Borde (Azuk Events), Tarriba Hinkson (Meme Bete Designs), Cornelius George (The Dapper Gentleman) and Kimberly Solana Mathurin (8ttava), young, extremely talented and creative; they are also “Friends in Fight” against breast cancer.

Since 2008, Corporate Saint Lucia has embraced the Yoplait Walk and Save Lids to Save Lives Campaigns. In fact, during the launch of the Yoplait Walk held earlier this month, they committed over $20,000 in cash and an even greater amount in kind. This year, with the additional support and commitment of young entrepreneurs, the Yoplait Cancer campaigns are set to make waves in Saint Lucia.Display of handpainted items from 8ttava

Teige La Borde, is the mastermind behind this year’s trendy Yoplait Cancer Campaigns Launch. When Teige was approached for support, she immediately responded with an innovative event proposal idea, “A Pink Themed Cocktail Mixer.” Teige is no stranger to managing and planning events and was very excited to lend her expertise to creating the perfect ambiance to kickstart the campaigns. Speaking on her decision to come on board as a sponsor Teige said:  “People often underestimate the power that  we have as young people. Yes, our  businesses are growing and we may not have the same capital as larger organizations but we have the drive, the energy commitment and influence to raise awareness for causes that are important. I am so humbled to have been approached to be as a “Friend in the Fight” against breast cancer and I am really excited to see how much funds will be raised this year.”

Meme Bete Bags DispalyRaul Joseph, Managing Director and Graphic Designer with Verge Media, Gold Sponsor of the Yoplait Walk has been an ardent supporter of the Walk for the past four years.  Verge Media is the creator og the Yoplait Walk TVC and all promotional print material relating to the walk (posters, banners etc.). The company also provides exclusive photography services for all activities related to the walk and plays a big part in help us spread awareness through the Slush Magazine brand. This year, SLUSH Magazine will host the Cool Tee Promotion which invites participants of the Yoplait Walk to get creative with the “Friends in the Fight” t-shirts  for a chance to win many cool prizes including drinks hampers compliment Piton Malta, jewellery from Diamonds International , grocery vouchers from Super J IGA and vouchers from Sea Island Cotton.

Thanks to generous donations of handcrafted items by local desginers, Tarriba Hinkson (Meme Bete Designs), CorneliusPink Wonderland Created by Azuk Creative Services George (The Dapper Gentleman) and Kimberly Solana Mathurin (8ttava), $640 dollars was raised during an auction held at the Yoplait Cancer Campaigns Launch. The designers have also been raising awareness for the breast cancer and The Walk hrough their Instagram, Facebook pages and websites. In particular, Cornelius George has agreed to give back $10.00 on Specially Designed Mala Bead Bracelets sold  during the month of October to the Yoplait Cancer Campaigns.

The Yoplait Walk is only 9 days are away and anticipation is in the air. There will be registration drives at Super J IGA Boulevard, Waterfront and Rodney Bay stores on October 24th and October 31st. Customers who haven’t are encouraged to join the fight by registering for the Yoplait Walk and purchasing Yoplait 6oz cups at Super J IGA Supermarket, gl foodmarket and Mega J.

Cornelius George- The Dapper Gentleman presents auction winner
Tarriba Hinskon with auction piece
Kimberly Mathurin of 8ttava Designs with auction piece
Friends in the Fight Display at 8ttava


HPP MDP 2015 Graduating Class

On Thursday, October 22nd , a special ceremony was held at the Orchid Garden Conference Centre, Union in honour of twenty three (23) CFL team members who graduated from the company’s High Potential Employee Programme and the three (3) who graduated from the Management Development Programme.

This programme which started in the latter part of 2013, is one component of the retail entities Human Resource Capacity Building and Strengthening Strategy. It involved various methods of assessment, discussion and practice of techniques for demonstrating management and leadership. The twenty six participants engaged in workshops, lectures and various presentations by external lectures as well as some internal lecturers. In class participation, examinations, group projects and presentations were among the methods used for assessment.

CFL is focussed on giving its over 1200 team members opportunities for growth and personal development.  The main aim is to empower team members by creating a learning organization focused on improved knowledge of the Supermarket Industry. The company therefore has a strong focus on Training and Development.

The company has invested in its own exclusive Supermarket Career Training Institute (SCI) which offers a wide range of courses to the team. SCI has a dedicated computer lab for staff who wish to access a range of retail and other available courses relating to their individual areas of work.  Team members can also access those courses at home.

Minister for Commerce, Consumer Affairs, Investment and Business Development Honourable Emma Hippolyte was among the many speakers who congratulated and wished the participants much success on their leadership journey.


CFL Representative Presents Cheque to FRC Director Hilary La Force

CFL Representative Presents Cheque to FRC Director Hilary La Force

Things are heating up at CFL stores, as Saint Lucia prepares to celebrate, Jounen Kweyol  on Sunday, October 25th , under the theme Wéfléchi, Sélébwé èk Anmizé”

In celebration of Creole Heritage Month, the nine Super J IGA stores, Mega J and gl foodmarket  have transformed into “little creole villages”  through  vibrant displays of local products, store decoration and ambiance.

On Friday October 23rd, the stores are inviting all customers for a special Vendredi Kweyol treat as a thank you for their patronage.

CFL has been a long standing supporter of the activities of the Follk Research Centre (FRC). During the launch of Creole Heritage Month earlier this month, CFL presented the FRC with a cheque for $4500 to help with the staging of this year’s La Wenn Kweyol Pageant which is set for this Friday,

Yoplait Cancer Campaigns Kick Off In Grand Style With Pink Mixer

Handcrafted auction pieces from Meme Bete, 8ttava and The Dapper GentlemanThe launch of CFL’s annual Yoplait Breast Cancer awareness activities took on a different form this year, with the company hosting a Pink Mixer in honour of the many persons and companies who contribute to the success of the activity which started in 2008. The Palmville Conference at Coco Palm was transformed into a “Pink Wonderland” to create a special experience for invitees which included many breast cancer survivors.

This year’s campaign theme is “Friends in the Fight” and a challenge was thrown out to Corporate St. Lucia to pledge their support for the campaign. By the end of the launch over EC$15,000 in cash sponsorship was committed to the Yoplait Walk which will be held on November 1st.  Digicel was among the larger contributors as well as Crystal Clear, Choice, ExelSign, JE Bergasse, Star Publishing, Tropical Shipping, Verge Media and Official Radio Sponsor -The Wave.

Another highlight of the launch was an auction made possible through the support of three young and talented local designers, Taribba do Nascimento (Même Bête Designs), Cornelius George (The Dapper Gentleman) and Kimberly Solana Mathurin (8ttava designs). These young entrepreneurs donated specially designed pieces for the auction. A total of $640 dollars was raised through the auction. Breast Cancer Conquerors were also serenaded by reigning Groovy Soca Monarch, Arthur Allain who shared his personal story of his mother’s victory over lymphoma.

“We all have a role to play in the fight against breast cancer. Although many great strides have been made in breast cancer awareness there remains much to be accomplished. We are so encouraged by the level of support we have received from Corporate Saint Lucia in the past. We are also very encouraged by the level of interest and support from a number of young entrepreneurs this year.” says Sancha Raggie, Marketing Manager, CFL. “We’re always looking for innovative ways to increase the awareness of breast cancer. With all the new Friends in the Fight who have pledged their support this year, I am confident that we will continue to make an impact in the fight against this devastating disease.”

This year’s Yoplait Walk from Mega J to Pigeon Island is scheduled for Sunday, November 1st. Registration is $15.00 at Cancer Conquerors of Local Support Group Faces of Cancerall Super J IGA Supermarkets, gl foodmarket and Mega J. In addition to monies from registration, Yoplait and CFL will be donating 10cents on every Yoplait 6oz cup purchased between October 1st and November 17th to the NCF and Faces of Cancer.

Since 2008, Yoplait and CFL have supported the breast cancer cause in Saint Lucia through this campaign which has two components the Save Lids to Save Lives Campaign and the CFL/Yoplait Walk. To date these activities have helped to raise over EC$220,000 to help treat women affected by the disease as well as efforts aimed at raising awareness of cancer.


The Kraft Heinz Company has expanded the voluntary recall of select code dates and manufacturing codes of individually-wrapped American slices as a precaution due to the possibility that a thin strip of the individual packaging film may remain attached to the slice after the wrapper has been removed. If the film sticks to the slice and is not removed, it could potentially cause a choking hazard.

The original July 31, 2015 recall was expanded to include approximately 335,000 additional cases of Kraft Singles and Kraft Deli Deluxe individually-wrapped slices with the Manufacturing Code S54 or S55. The S54 or S55 refer to the two production lines on which the impacted product was made.

Only one of the products under recall is sold at Mega J- Kraft American Singles, 1.3kg/3lbs, UPC: 02100060491 3 with the “Best When Used By” Dates of December 9, 2015 through February 19, 2016, with the codes “S54” and “S55”.

No other sizes or varieties of Kraft Slices and no other packaging configurations included in this recall are part of the inventory at CFL Stores (Super J IGA Supermarkets, Mega J and gl foodmarket.)

In the interest of consumer health and safety, Mega J has pulled the product in question off the shelves and isolated it as per company recall procedure.

Consumers who purchased this product from Mega J are advised to desist from using it with immediate effect and return the unused portion to the Customer Service Desk at this location for a full reimbursement.

Consolidated Foods Limited apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this recall and solicits the cooperation of the general public in this matter.

For further information on this recall please visit this site


Cfl Supports Healthy Lifestyles: Corporate Health Partner For Pedi Gwes Sent Lisi

Weetabix-sampling-tableThe St. Lucia national weight loss competition dubbed “Pedi Gwes Sent Lisi, Bon Sante Pou Lavi”  kicked off yesterday, with over ninety participants ready and energized to win the two month long challenge.  Health, nutrition and exercise are all features of this competition.

The event brings together 90 participants from the 9 health regions around the island, 10 participants per region, who will compete for the top prizes of biggest individual loser per region, biggest overall loser and region to lose the most collective weight, among other exciting prizes. It will feature various health workshops, workshops, a walk, hike and obstacle course challenge.

Consolidated Foods Ltd (operators of Super J IGA, gl foodmarket and Mega J) is one of the Ministry of Health’s partners in this engagement. At yesterday’s launch the ninety participants each received a gl foodmarket cooler bag, especially designed for the storage of temperature sensitive products.

“All of our stores have products well suited to support a  healthy lifestyle geared towards weight loss if necessary. We view this competition as great way to boost confidence, get persons motivated and on the right track. We will provide a range of prizes to the competition to get participants excited about the journey and to help the Ministry of Health achieve this national objective”, said Marketing Manager Sancha Raggie.

After the launch participants were able to sample a range of healthy snack options available at Super J and gl Sampling-table-with-healthy-snacks-from-gl-foodmarketfoodmarket.

As the island’s largest food retailer, CFL is closely associated with many health activities and is a proud sponsor of the St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association. The company is currently making plans to host the annual Yoplait Walk on November 1st. The funds raised from this event goes to support breast cancer awareness and treatment.


Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications- Sariah Best-Joseph and Miss Super J Presents Special Olympics St. Lucia Representatives with Big Cheque

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications; Sariah Best-Joseph and Miss Super J IGA; Ayana Alexander present Special Olympics St. Lucia Representatives with Big Cheque

Randy Gilbert, a Team Member of Super J IGA Sunny Acres captured an individual silver medal in Division 43 of the 200m at the Specials Olympics in Los Angeles last week. Randy who is hearing impaired also formed part of the 4x100M men’s relay team who captured gold. He is part of Team St. Lucia which brought home 20 medals.

Super J IGA Supermarkets helped to make the team’s participation a reality.  On July 18th we presented Special Olympics Saint Lucia (the recognised body for providing year round sports training for children and adults with intellectual difficulties) with a $5000 cheque.

This year St. Lucia’s team consisted of 25 athletes, 8 coaches and 3 officials. St. Lucia’s delegation participated in three activities; Football, Athletics and Bocce and did extremely well- amassing a total of 20 medals (individual and team).

Randy Gilbert- far right-poses with other Saint Lucian Athletes

Randy Gilbert (far right) poses with other Saint Lucian Athletes

Super J IGA gives $5000 gift to Special Olympics


A team of 25 athletes, eight coaches and 3 officials will leave the island on Monday to participate in the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles, California. The games will feature competitions in aquatics, gymnastics, track and field, basketball, football (soccer) and many other summer sports involving 7,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities from 177 countries. St. Lucia’s delegation will have representation in Football, athletics and Bocce.

Special Olympics St. Lucia is the recognised body for providing year round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic type sports for children and adults with intellectual difficulties. The objective is to ensure that they are provided opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other special Olympic athletes and the community.

The team had their final training session on Saturday on the grounds of the Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary. Super J IGA, one of the team sponsors, was present at the training with a gift of EC $5000.00 to help defray costs associated with participation in the games.

Ms. Super J IGA Ayana Alexander who placed first runner up in the National Queen Pageant made the presentation.